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Chris Gonzales . . . Adapter

I’ve known Chris for sometime now and he was the first real homie I met who was truly down for skateboarding 24/7. He has become one of my best friends and over the years I’ve come to know him as an adapter to any situation. We met sometime in ‘99 at the local skate shop where he worked, Hanger 94. Everyone knew him as a shredder so naturally we started skating and shooting photos together practicing different techniques with my 35mm family cam. Chris has always been able to find unique street spots and bring a creative view to the daily skate sesh.

So why do I see Gonz as a great adapter? If Chris ever feels a situation is wrong he quickly makes it right. Back in the day little Chris quit high school I’m sure not because he knew what he wanted to be but because he saw a different path. Growing up in El Cajon is chill although tough to get away from. As he adapted to the hustle & bustle of modern life he moved on to get a job at SoleTech selling the goods. Now we all know that money is the devil and dealing with it (especial sucks if it’s not yours) melts your soul so Chris found a way truer to himself. So Gonz dropped the fake money and became a Visual Merchandiser for Vans where he only dealt with the fun stuff… making sure Vans was pimped at your local shops and did a damn good job. Recently he’s become Vans Apparel Rep throughout the mid-west living the road life. If you see him during any event he’s probably bbq’n gourmet hotdogs and making sure your stoked on waffle grip. He has a knowledgeable understanding of nature and is a great person to have around if your out in the wilderness. Say armageddon really happens someday soon, I bet there would be Gonz residue that survives and starts forming into some new species. He’s fuckin GonzGoneWild!

Now when we hang out things are no different. We still skate to have fun shooting pictures with our digital and film cameras. So this is why Gonz is an adapter, he makes things happen. I mean you’re here now peeping my blog and he made this.

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