New WELCOME Graphics & Shapes

I recently met up with WELCOME mastermind Jason Celaya to check out the 3rd release of new graphics and shapes. I would like to tell you how awesome WELCOME is but the message wont convey. You’ll never know unless you experience it for yourself. Their origins are shrouded in mystery and the graphics seem to be even more mysterious. Each board carries with it unknown mythical powers and this ain’t some Harry Potter nonsense. Their concept and style are reflective in everything WELCOME touches, they just ooze creativity. I love WELCOME cause they’re all about the good times. At first glimpse you’ll be struck by the awesome freak-character artwork and left staring into these stimulating color schemes. And the curves… You will love these beauties I assure you that. So why is a small no name company like WELCOME turning heads? Cause they’re doing their own thing. In a world full of monkey see monkey do, WELCOME speaks for itself.

Montauk, 8.5 Nimbus3000 shape. Squid, 8 5/8 Punk Point shape. PrinceAtaur 8.0 (Popsicle)Jackalope 8.5 (Nimbus 3000 Shape)WELCOME Skateboards_ product shoot GonzWal Studio

Shane Cox_ ollie San ClementeShane Cox_ nose grind San ClementeShane Cox_ chillin bs @ PedroThis is my friend Shane, he can barely ollie. Thanks to WELCOME, now he can soar.

The digital shop is up and running so peep the goods, fill up your cart, and share with your friends.

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