Vans Downtown Showdown 2010

Made it up to LA for my third Vans DTSD. Last year they mentioned it might move to New York and I was so bummed. As far as contest shooting this is it, DTSD is a step above the rest. The obstacles are designed by the skaters and it’s held in the middle of Paramount Studios city streets. Everywhere you look seems to be real cityscape until you peer behind the props and see gutted buildings with insane lighting equipment sprawled about. During a previous DTSD I saw Heath lurking in the darkness and this time I spotted Crabman from the tv show, “My Name Is Earl.” If people like this are showing up to a skateboarding event . . . well I’m sure you get the picture. Vans DTSD is badass!

Vans DTSD 2010Tommy Sandoval_ warm up fs flipOscar Meza_ warm up crooksCrabman from "My Name Is Earl"

Tommy Sandoval_ fs flip (still from seq land)Garret Hill_ tre flip fs grind (still from seq land)Jamie Tancowny_ nosebluntChris Cole_ sw fs flip (still from seq land)

Vans Downtown Showdown 2009

For me this is my favorite skate event each year and this time I was lucky enough to cruise early with Chris (GonzGoneWild) and help the Vans crew set up. It was cool to watch everything come to life in the fake city of Paramount. It’s by far the most unique place I’ve ever seen a skate comp held. I enjoyed cruising around and meeting some new friends. Its fun being caught up in the moment and watching everything that goes down. Catching it through the lens is difficult so during the contest I really just kicked back and let the good times roll.

Geoff Rowley_ Kick Push 4 LIFEBrian Anderson_ Vans DTSDSean Malto_ warm up back lipCreature feature_ Vans DTSD

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