Courtroom Justice, Neglected Work, & More Good Times

A few months back I was arrested for trespassing. That’ll happen when your having fun searching for personal freedom. 40 hours of community service never served just signed off… gotta love the process. I’ve barely touched my blog this year, been trying to find new outlets for my photos. Contributing to friends blogs, websites, and a small number of magazines is most satisfying right now. Some call me a photographer, I’ll take it. I wish I was but really I’m just having fun with it. What I’d like to think is I can be anything I choose to project myself as but I’m not that cool yet. Honestly, I just enjoy hanging out with unique people. Being involved with friends, gathering content, and sharing the experience… Isn’t that what it’s all about? So here are some not so new but still recent photos to help make up for lost blogging.

Jason Crowell_ fakie thrusterAlex Valdez_ back tailCorey Hendricks_ bs flipTommy Sandoval_ back heel

Connor Getzlaff_ backside bonlessTyriece Bovain_ bluntslideReemo Pearson_ 180Oscar Meza_ kickflip crooks

TSM issue 86 Blackout articleJosh Stafford_ loopJosh Stafford

Text from article.

Constantly hunting for obscure skate spots, I want something unique. You know … the untouched gem that sets your mind straight into daydream mode. I need a photo of that. Once discovered, it’s only a matter of time ‘til someone gets their licks—nothing holds back a skateboarder.

We came across this water park a while back and heard stories of people skating it but never saw the evidence. Urban legend for all I knew. At first glimpse you see that perfect transition with a polished smooth surface and it leaves you thinking of all the possibilities. How could this place just sit half the year rotting, no one utilizing these colossal fun structures? It’s obviously considered untouchable with the multiple fences and likelihood of an overweight security guard or two walking the rounds. Even so, I rallied together a small group. Stafford came along, and I was wondering what he would think of the spot.

The decision was made: we hopped the fence and explored the grounds. The second we got there it seemed his mind was set but I didn’t know on what. He was staring at it for a while and told me to get photos with the other guys first. Then it came time for Josh to do his thing. I could see the mind fuck he was battling. He wanted the loop and I was tripping on the thought of it. We were all egging him on to make it happen. It took a while before he found his line and built up the courage to go at it.

Watching him warm up was impressive enough—rolling up to eleven o’clock I thought I had a cool kickturn photo. Then as the sound of wheels rolling on fiberglass echoed through the valley, Josh made his turn toward the slide’s spit-out zone. Silence came over us and as Josh was rolling away we broke out in cheers. It was crazy!

A few days later I went back for more photos and within minutes we were handcuffed and arrested for trespassing. Worth it? I have court in a few weeks that may give me some grief for a little while but I also have a sequence of Stafford that will last forever.


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