Meza Mania

Not much ever needs to be said about Oscar. He kills it, you see that. His actions speak for him and his smile tells the story. He’s always on that good trip so its non stop fun whenever O is around. Meza’s got some big things coming shortly so stay tuned. Until then here’s a little slice of Meza Mania.

Meza Mania 3Oscar Meza_ front blunt LAOscar Meza_ wax onOscar Meza_ back noseblunt LA

Oscar Meza_ kickflip Lincoln ParkOscar Meza_ kickflip nose grindOscar Meza_ backside 360 kickflipOscar Meza_ blunt fakie

Oscar Meza_ smith grind pop outOscar Meza_ kickflip MalibuOscar Meza_ kickflip MalibuOscar Meza_ nose grind electric box LA

Meza and friends in MARKISA’ DORCY MONTAGE

kickflip front crooks @ Stoner

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