December Tribes Vibe

photosIndio Falconer Downey_ Mosley Tribes shootTSM Fresh CropsSkateboarder Mag_ Oscar Meza

December… The year is almost done? “WTF,” kids be sayin’. Does this life coaster only go faster each year? Well thats good I was wondering when things would pick up. Not all my yearly goals were met but several other opportunities brought new challenges and rewards. I just finished shooting a portion of the Mosley Tribes 2012 Campaign. I worked with Victor Garibay who embodies South LA art/skate lifestyle along with Indio Falconer Downey representing a West LA musical/PCH vibe. Two other photographers shot 3 more subjects so I can’t wait to see the finished catalog, counter cards, and anything else printed. I love looking at something I helped create that isn’t just pixels on the computer screen. Something you can touch, carry and share is so cool. Recently The Skateboard Mag posted a Fresh Crops featuring 10 of my photographs. Thanks so much to Austin Mayer and the rest of TSM staff who have helped me I really appreciate it. Then to top it off as if it needs mentioning your boy Meza printed large and hot in Skateboarder Mag.

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