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New Orleans_1New Orleans_2Liam Hemsworth_ on set of Empire StateBar Paly_ Oliver Peoples 2013 behind scenes

Ray Liotta_ Oliver Peoples 2013 behind scenesBar Paly_ Oliver Peoples 2013 behind scenesTSM-99-TimbreCyril Palmer_ Typical Culture interview
Blog? O yeah I have one of those. Wait, it’s gone. Now its back, weird. Well lets recap whats been. A few months back I went to New Orleans for my brother in laws latest project, Empire State. Always wanted to “go down south” and there I was right in the heart of it, the bayou baby. Watching a movie in the making is interesting, so much work involved. What seems like a bunch of crazies running around with heads cut off is actually precisely planned and well organized chaos. Got to meet The Rock, kicked it with Liam Hemsworth onset, and said hello to the lovely Miley Cyrus.

More recently I had a gig shooting behind the scenes for Oliver Peoples 2013 campaign. It was awesome with tasty catering and one of the hottest models ever. O yeah Ray Liotta was there too but he stops by the house just to kick it anyways so no biggie. Did I mention the model? Bar Paly O my goodness, so beautiful with a warm presents and truly genuine smile. Bar kept giving me the sexiest looks… Well I’d like to think they were directed to me personally but know it was the camera in hand.

Plus my first two-page spread in The Skateboard Mag featuring Mr Meza. Had a shoot with JJ Thomas for his beverage sponsor Marley’s Mellow Mood Tea which they ended up funny editing. Its suppose to be a life size cutout of JJ used for in store display so keep your eye out. It was fun to catch up with an old friend and do a little work at the same time. Finished a Checking In interview with Cyril Palmer for Typical Culture. Ill be posting new photos in my portfolio before long now that the website is back up and perhaps unveil a new layout soon. Lots of good stuff happening and much more to come in 2013.

Enjoying this role, no attachment to anything, just observing the experience, feeling everything unfold, and sharing it with you.

JJ paying bills.

Plus the homies putting out some badass clips for your viewing pleasures.
Oscar Meza_ Let It Ride

Oscar Meza “Let It Ride” from FLIP SKATEBOARDS on Vimeo.

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