I Tell U What… Let’s U-n-I-Verse

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O blogosphere, how strange you are. No matter the break, you patiently wait, while Insta gets my eye. I mean really, who looks at personal blogs today, so lost in the infinite web. Yet here you are, my little blogosphere. Honestly though, what the hell are you… A rendition for the world to see, a superficial taste, the promotion of what I once thought was so important? I guess it’s whatever I make it to be, a personal digital read my diary.

When I found it to hard to post once a month, I thought I’d be discipline to create an annual feast, but I have yet to line up a streak. The facts make it look like a definite retreat. Problem be most visitors expect my latest skate pix which I just don’t got. With full time college and personal research to boot I rarely have time to get in the mix and shoot. When the homies call I’m typically too deep in studies. Maybe it’s time for some change, seeing that the dream has long been complete. See some homies in the big zines snapped by lil ol’ me.

As far as what’s been had, the last three years were great. All this time to build this self, a thrashing mirage, though it be the only reality I see. As I observe this thingness of objects, I find everything out there including the perceptual self offers an opportune jump off point for going deeper within. Being that one’s ENVIRON-MENTAL surrounding is literally the One Mind which Envelopes each and every U-n-I weaving the One magnificent noted Verse. But really this whole school thing is just a fine looking way of doing nothin’ looking like I’m doin’ somethin’. Much like the old photo days. So we’ll see where that leads, though its certain to be another jump off point indeed.

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